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Below are some testimonials from residents, patients and family members that have made Westchester Gardens Health & Rehabilitation their home. We invite you to visit our community, and take a tour!

In October 2015, I suffered a stroke. I was in Mease Countryside Hospital for a few days, then I was transferred to Westchester Gardens. Your place was highly recommended by the staff at Mease Countryside.

I was greeted by Lawrence who settled me in. He worked two shifts that day and he personally took excellent care of me. I received an excellent meal and the care was kind and very professional.

While I was there, I had three excellent nutritious meals. I had speech therapy, occupational therapy, and physical therapy six days a week.

In speech therapy, I had Michelle and Jennifer. They both helped me strengthen my muscles in my cheeks and throat. They were excellent teachers and very kind.

In occupational therapy I had Janet. She helped me strengthen my left arm and got it moving. She was very encouraging and kind.

In my last week of physical therapy I had Andrew. He got me out of a wheelchair and off a walk, and walking unaided. He was so inspirational and encouraging. I watched Andrew when I first came and was always so helpful to the other therapists.

On the day I went home, Andrew spoke with my husband at my request. My husband was completely overwhelmed.

The one thing that really helped me were the visits from the Chaplain. I so looked forward to his visits.

I am getting stronger every day, and I thank God for the wonderful people at Westchester Gardens. It is definitely a five star facility, and I was so blessed to be there. I highly recommend it to everyone I know.


Marian N.

Former Patient

Dear Westchester Gardens Health & Rehabilitation,

I am writing to tell you how grateful I am for the physical therapist that was assigned to me when I suffered my broken hip last month. While I know your employees work hard each and every day, I believe those who go above and beyond deserve recognition.

I stayed at your facility for two weeks in March and attribute my ability to walk today to your therapist, Danielle. The ability to motivate and encourage me was awe inspiring, and I couldn’t have been luckier than to be assigned to work with her. I personally want to thank Danielle for her caring nature and professionalism. I am grateful that my experience was so positive and the treatment I received was gentle and kind. I send my heartfelt thanks to her for getting me up and walking. I truly feel I wouldn’t be where I am today without her help.

Competent and sensitive therapists like her show that a tragedy can have a silver lining. The support of the fine staff at your facility helped us through a difficult time, and we will never forget their kindness. Please express our appreciation to Danielle and the rest of your staff. I am forever grateful.

The work they do every day is so important and they excel at their work in every way possible.

So, thank you. My family and I will never forget what you’ve done for us.



Former Patient

To Westchester Gardens Health & Rehabilitation,

Thank you for your care and attention to me and my problems during my six-week stay at your facility. The loving care of your staff supported by their knowledge and expertise made my stay not only pleasant, but also tolerable, considering the circumstances of my particular case. I could always depend on them.

I am reminded of the pleasant staff demeanors and responsiveness as I was carefully carried through the processes of my condition, with confidence that I would soon return to a normal life.

Each and every nurse, aide, therapist, food service attendant and administrator was terrific. During this six-week process, the patience, softness of approach and responsive behavior of everyone was particularly pleasant and unique.

Thank you all for making my stay a pleasant one and I shall never forget you.



Former Patient

My name is Diana, and I’m contacting you today on behalf of my father in law, Joseph, who was a recent resident for approximately 6 weeks.

When he first arrived in May, he was quite an angry and saddened gentleman, due to his health circumstances. He was not in his “happy place,” as they say.

However, with the help of your staff, as well as the doctors, his turn around has been amazing. Joseph was discharged today, enabling him to be back in his own home, thanks to everyone’s efforts on his behalf.

The staff in Queen’s Way were phenomenal, and Ira was a true stand out. Please know that we would have been lost without Ira and his efforts to work with Joseph, from my father in law’s cantankerous beginnings, to his mellow and comfortable last few days at your facility. In fact, in preparing him to come home, Joseph said he was sad to leave Westchester Gardens Health & Rehabilitation.

Not sure how many times you receive notes of appreciation, but please know that the our family is indebted to everyone at your facility, for their care, support and concern over Joseph’s progress and recovery.

From the bottom of our hearts….we thank you.

Kind regards,


Former Patient

First, I want to thank you for accommodating my mother at your facility and for the help and care that she received.

But foremost, I would like to commend the good work done and the great help given to us by your Social Services Group – especially by Denise!

It was a very trying time for us after learning that my mother had plateaued in her therapies and was not going to go home. We were recommended to look into an Assisted Living Facility. Denise gave me and my sisters comfort, helping us through the process of choosing a facility. She told us what to ask and look for when assessing them, and, after choosing, she and her team helped to coordinate the move and make the it so much less taxing on us. Her mothering and caring instincts, her ability to empathize, and, her thorough knowledge in all aspects of patient care and facilities, made this process so much more bearable and easier for us.

I commend you on having a such a competent and caring group with Denise leading it. Your team truly helps patients and their families transition through the difficult stages of life. Many thanks to her!



Family Member of Former Patient